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The Rosso Exclusivo logo is a stylized PHOENIX, the famous mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes after death. After living for 500 years, the Phoenix onset felt his death, he retired to a secluded place and built a nest on top of an oak tree or a palm tree. Here piled the finest balsamic plants, with which wove a nest egg-shaped. Finally, there is reclined, she let the rays of the sun on fire , and let himself be consumed by his own flames. From the pile of ashes emerged then a small larva (or egg), that the sun's rays were growing rapidly to transform it into the new Phoenix over three days.

Red was a part of his plumage; "Post fairy Resurgo" his motto.

The Fenice is for everyone, the symbol of rebirth. We want to represent the long history of Italian craftsmanship and manufacturing - full of knowledge and culture - that unfolds from the Renaissance to the present day with the most important brands in the world of fashion and that the face of difficulties has in it the ability to be reborn always proposing new brands and highest quality products.

And the example of Rosso Exclusivo where the red part of the plumage of the Fenice adds the color of the Italian PASSION of craftsmanship and high technology that colors for example, the most famous sports cars in the world.

The brand Rosso Exclusivo is created at the end of 2009, thanks to the creativity of some students from IUAV (University of Architecture in Venice / Treviso section) during the stages of pre-degree in Industrial Design at company Engineering Team Srl, in particular Cendron Riccardo and De Faveri Stefano today qualified graphic designers in the sporting goods industry.

Engineering Team Srl ( is a design and development studio for brand new products in the fields of sports, mechanical and furniture, automotive for key international (foreign) clients. Beside this activity is added technical consulting and process for composite materials and bio materials for important automotive clients.

Engineering Team Srl is a partner of a consortium of small businesses enterprises in northern Italy, which represent a whole production chain where all these Partners will produce most of the Rosso Exclusivo products.

Engineering Team Srl with Rosso Exclusivo brand wish offer to all lovers of footwear and personal accessories, such as belts and sunglasses the highest quality products, really EXCLUSIVE and customizable. All products in numbered series offer everyone the chance to be "original and recognizable."

Footwear models and accessories are designed to be EXCLUSIVE, designed and manufactured in manual / craft, totally in ITALY.

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